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Arrow Rules

General Rules:

NO Underage material at all (18+ only) includes all movies, videos,pictures,games
NO Flooding any Section(Flooding is: 1 member posting majority of page)
NO Multiple accounts
NO Bumping Posts
NO Cashlinks
NO Advertising- this includes any websites, Blogs, Forums, and Streaming Video sites (Only File sharing sites are allowed)
NO Zoo, Gay / Transsexual, Necro, Real rape, Murders, Snuff

General Posting Guidelines:

* Password protected files that are legitimately password protected are allowed.

* All posts must be entirely in English

* No bumping. (All bumped threads will be deleted).

* No topic hijacking (going off topic)

* Search for topics before posting and/or requesting. Its probably already been posted somewhere.

* No reposting/double posting of any kind

* It is the members responsibility to read and follow these rules. Failure to read these rules is not an excuse. Failure to understand the English language is also not an excuse.

* Post MUST include video file size, playing time and file type (ex. |150mb | 01:40:28 | 1280x720| wmv |).

Signature Rules :

No porn links on your signature, banner and others.
Hovewer you can post links to your own site or blog in your signature, avatar or post, a reciprocal link back to the is required. This link must be contained in a section like "Partners" or "Recommended Links" and must be readily accessible to all visitors of the site/blog. No exceptions will be made.
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